A Coffee Shop Sim

Being inspired by working for a time as a barista, I wanted to turn this experience into a game, in a similar vein to Cook, Serve, Delicious and Overcooked. I'm trying to stay fairly accurate to how coffee's would normally be made in a cafe, while removing some smaller steps that may over-complicate the process (like pressing the coffee grounds before attaching the group handle).

And so I started with a fairly, simple coffee to create: a black Americano. This simply involves pouring an espresso shot into a cup of water, and required only the core mechanics in place to create. One of my goals is to allow the player to try and make multiple coffees at once, so it's important that the contents of a cup is always clear to the player while it's in play.

I've also taken this opportunity to work on my modelling, trying to develop from simple shapes to basic models. I started with a handful of essential models like cups, milk jugs, and the group handle for holding ground coffee. I then moved on to models with seperate pieces. While I don't plan for the player to be able to move these themselves, it's much more convenient to be able move parts of models, and it could be used in some player progression elements. (eg. unlocking more fridge space)

With further updates, I hope to allow the player to move freely around the cafe after the have completed a day, with the ability to unlock new ingredients using the money they made. This allows the player to quickly dive back into a new day, or practise existing and new recipes with the ingredients they've unlocked.

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